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The Human Connection Lab is my weekly audio journal & blog. Already, 41 connection donate to my life mission to access it. You won’t find it on Spotify or anywhere else.

My purpose is to upskill and inspirit self-actualizing entrepreneurs and facilitators who are combating the mental health crisis with human connection.

Episodes feature my fuck-ups, feats, & findings as an international facilitator in the form of bullet-point principles & short articles.

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I’ll be transparent. It’s only meant for people who are serious about…

💞 leveling up and systematizing your human connection business

🤝🏼 designing & facilitating transformational community experiences

⚡ upgrading yourself & others with tools to live happier, healthier

🌎 combating the rise of loneliness and depression

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🧙🏼‍♂️ The Human Connection Professional Manifesto (ESSAY)

Read this to upgrade your values system, to learn how science defines the good life, and to become a human connection professional.

⭕ Social Norms to liberate from (PDF)

Learn about the norms that hold you back from giving and self-actualizing fully as a human connection facilitator.

🎤 three tips to embody a great host (vIDEO)

Learn three transformational principles for facilitating better meetings. Hint: It all starts with role-modelling.

PS: 36+ connection leaders already pay for it

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⚡ Internationally known as the party scientist

🧠 Creator Of Fun Intelligence Quotient

🥼 Social-Bonding specialist

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

I created this because I want to help facilitators like you deliver the elixir of life (human connection), so that we can together reverse the rise of loneliness and depression.

I am also serious about embodying the best human connection entrepreneur, facilitator, and community-builder I can be. Are you?

But, Are you even credible?

Yes, people actually call me The Party Scientist. 

I’ve led 987+ experiences across 13 countries. Usually with complete strangers, but sometimes for Fortune 500 companies.

I created The Human Connection Lab for community facilitators, conveners, and DJs who love giving joy & mental health, as I do.

Everything I do is intended to combat loneliness and depression in our culture. My mission is larger than producing another online money-grab that no one needs.

Here’s my awakening in 100 words.

During multiple international expeditions to study how different people come together, I realized that bringing humans together and liberating their expression is my life purpose.

In 2016, while working as a festival medic and studying pharmacology and public health at university, I learnt firsthand about the decline of community and mental health in western culture.

This led me to start researching human well-being. In my research, my goal was to figure out the formula for igniting human expression, joy, and belonging regardless of circumstances.

On my journey, I brought together more than 10 000 people through 100s of experiences. In 13 countries. Within Fortune 500 companies like Lululemon. For international events with 1000s of guests like Envision Festival and Burning Man. And, of course, in public streets…

The more I learnt and facilitated, the more my mission materialized before my eyes. Until finally, in 2020, I completed my manifesto, declaring my life’s purpose — to give the elixir of life, human connection.


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