vitalize & unite your guests with the science of fun.

The JoyLab By The Party Scientist is a mental health party designed to relieve stress, promote belonging, and ignite joy.

The party scientist is an international joy & belonging facilitator on a mission is to combat the mental health crisis


⚡ Internationally known as the party scientist

🧠 Creator Of Fun Intelligence Quotient

🥼 Social-Bonding specialist

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

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Worry no more about your guests being disconnected, tired, or disengaged 📵

When every other meetings & events specialist is playing it safe and doing the same thing (prioritizing food, decor, and spectation), it’s easy to stand out as a genius event designer.

Just try something different.

Get people grooving, moving, smiling and connecting. Instead of looking at their screens. Instead of small-talking. Instead of watching passively. Instead of boozing.

I have developed a high-energy experience that delivers the benefits of meditation, movement, laughter, gratitude, and social bonding—in one hour.

It’s taken me over 946 virtual and real-life experiences to perfect. I’m now ready to share it with open-minded meetings & events leaders.

So that we can reverse the rise of loneliness and depression — together.

This is The JoyLab Experience. A mental health party powered by the science of fun.

Schedule a chat with me and let’s nerd out about making your guests leave your event asking: “When is your next one?!”

i’m jacques.

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People call me The Party Scientist. 

I’ve initiated 987+ fun experiences across 13 countries. Here’s the catch: with complete strangers.

I design customized health, joy, and belonging experiences for companies and events. Reply to this if you are designing a large conference, virtual or not. Book me.

I can help your event if:

No one feels safe enough to have fun

 You need a DJ, an emcee, or an entertainer

✅ You want your event to be more than drinking, sitting and eating

✅ You want to try something new and host something extraordinary

Can you benefit from vibe-engineering?✅ You don’t want your guests leaving early or looking at their phones

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