become a world-class human connection entrepreneur and facilitator

VYVE is an alliance and business association for human connection professionals who want to give the world’s most powerful medicine—connection.

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I AM AN INTERNATIONAL FACILITATOR on a mission to empower  connection entrepreneurs

At VYVE, we believe human connection is the elixir of life—the best preventive for addiction, depression, and disease. During multiple international expeditions, I realized that giving this elixir to as many humans as possible was my life purpose.

VYVE exists to empower human connection professionals to give this elixir. It is an online community designed to empower us to become world-class entrepreneurs, facilitators, and community-builders. 

This is the only landing page you will find about VYVE. Joining VYVE is by nomination and by application. It’s a private group with strong values. To receive the letter of nomination, your best bet is to sign up for my Insiders’ Newsletter or to reach out to one of our members.

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